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Welcome to Friends of Beckett Street Cemetery, where we aim to put flesh on the bones of history and breathe life into the past. Our platform is dedicated to telling the family stories of those who have gone before us, allowing us to feel a connection and approval from our ancestors. Through our comprehensive cemetery research and genealogy exploration tools, we strive to honour the legacies of the departed by uncovering their stories and the lives they led. Join us in our mission to preserve memories, connect generations, and make history come alive. Care for the cemetery is at our core; start your journey today to know who you are by knowing where you came from.

“Be sure you lay me there he said,

In that sweet lovely spot,

And strew with flowers my grassy bed,

To prove I'm not forgot”

Henry Parker 1871


History of the Cemetery

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Beckett Street Cemetery in Leeds, England, has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1845. Originally known as the Leeds Burial Ground, it was designed by the architect J.B. and W. Atkinson to accommodate the growing population of Leeds and provide a non-denominational burial ground.

The cemetery was laid out with winding paths, mature trees, and landscaped gardens, reflecting the Victorian era's romanticised view of death and nature. It quickly became a popular burial site for people of all backgrounds and social classes.

Over the years, Beckett Street Cemetery became the final resting place for thousands of individuals, including notable figures such as members of the local gentry, industrialists, and community leaders. Many of the graves are adorned with elaborate headstones and monuments, showcasing the artistic styles and cultural norms of the time.



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Our People

Buried here
Grave 4093
James Potter Schofield

James Potter Schofield

A dedicated fireman, with unwavering courage and commitment.

His life, tragically cut short in the line of duty.

Grave 2951
Elsie Martha Atkinson

Elsie Martha Atkinson

A Barnbow Lass Amongst Us

Tragically lost her life in the Explosion at the No 1 National Filling Factory, 5th December 1916.

Grave 641
Lowena Ethel Harrison

Lowena Ethel Harrison

Died March 17. 1892, aged 3 years and 8 months.

Her tragic story lead to her headstone being adopted as the Friends Logo

Grave 20287
Emmie (Emily) Lambert

Emmie (Emily) Lambert

Died 29th October 1918, Aged 24 Years.

A Member of the Women's RAF. The Only Woman in the Cemetery commemorated on a CWGC Grave

Edward Caldwell Sprucebottom image

A renowned sculptor of his time, left an indelible mark on the art world with his exquisite creations. From graceful figures to powerful monuments, each of Spruce's sculptures tells a unique tale, reflecting his keen understanding of human nature and his mastery of form and expression


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Tom Maguirebottom image

A figure of profound significance in the realm of socialism, epitomised the fervent spirit of social reform and egalitarian ideals. A towering figure whose enduring legacy continues to shape the course of social and political discourse.


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