The information to be found in the original Burial Registers comprises of: Burial number, Name, Address, Description, Date of Burial, Age, Grave Number and the name of clergyman performing the service.

The FoBSC have produced an index of all the 180,000 burials contained in the 11 burial registers (1845-1992). This index contains:

  • Name
  • Year of Burial
  • Grave Number
  • Burial Number
  • Whether an Adult or Child

Please contact us if you are trying to trace someone whom you believe is buried in the Cemetery.

Beckett Street Cemetery is divided into two sections, one for Anglicans (the Consecrated portion) and one for Nonconformists (the Unconsecrated or General portion). Entering the Cemetery from the main gates the Anglican part is situated on the right hand side and the Nonconformists on the left.

The two sections are divided by a line of short pencil shaped stone posts running through the centre of the grounds from Beckett Street to Stoney Rock Lane.

The FoBSC have recorded all 7,600 available Memorials Inscriptions within the Cemetery.

The FoBSC have access to the City Council maps recording the locations of all 27,000 grave plots within the Cemetery.

Please contact us if you are trying to locate a grave within the Cemetery.